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Danke für Ihre Kreditkartendaten!
Folgender Brief erreichte Radio Eriwan Knuffingen:

—-Originalnachricht (gekürzt)—-

Postbox 123
Dorrigo NSW

Miniatur Wunderland
Kehrwieder 2 / Block D
D-24047 Hamburg

On 13. February 2012 I wrote to you ordering DVD’s of your Swiss & Austrian Alps Layout. To Date I have had no reply from you. |…|
In case my previous letter has gone astray in your organisation I will repeat my mastercard details:

1234 5678 8765 4321 expiry 05/13 in the name of JBB. Reserve security card code is 123.

A speedy fulfillment of this order would be appreciated.

Yours faithfully

—-Hierzu Radio Eriwan Knuffingen—-

Dear Mr. JBB,

quite good that Deutsche Post corrected our postcode you wrote. It’s D-20457 Hamburg. Thank’s a lot for your mastercard data. We bought some very nice stuff!

Best regards!
Radio Eriwan Knuffingen


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